Natural wood designer tables I make according to your wishes

I am a trained master carpenter - in my studio I design and manufacture unique pieces according to your specifications.

create artistic kauri wood tables

The furniture as a work of natural art

As an employee, I made furniture, interior and shop fittings. I could only be creatively active to a limited extent; I was more or less subject to the constraints of competition-driven mass production.

It was only when I started my own business in 2002 that I was able to realise my own ideas of individual furniture construction. When designing furniture, I was now able to bring out nature in the furniture in unusual, different ways of working. The natural material wood with its fascinating natural characters offers very good conditions for special and unique pieces of furniture.

In the process, I constantly experimented with new techniques that I could use in furniture construction to make it unique and one-of-a-kind. Nature as my helper offers unique design possibilities.

Among other things, I made:


Wooden tables made from unusual Kauri tree trunks

In 2011, I got my hands on the first Kauri table top, proven to be 50,000 years old, and was immediately fascinated by this fascinating wood.

First Kauri table top, proven to be 50,000 year old swamp wood from a tree trunk, and was immediately enthralled by this fascinating wood.
The first Kauri table top


In the following years I specialised more and more in the wood preserved in huge trunks in New Zealand's swamps.

Since 2015, I have been exclusively making wooden tables, dining tables and conference tables from unusual, thousand-year-old Kauri tree trunks and root slabs.

In 2016, I visited New Zealand to see the forests with the huge Kauri trees, the excavations of the ancient Kauri trunks and finally to order beautiful table tops made of root and trunk.

Master carpenter Michael Beaupoil in New Zealand excavating thousand-year-old Kauri trees to make one-of-a-kind wooden tables.
Excavation of a large Kauri tree in New Zealand


Wooden tables with unique seal

Unique wooden tables handmade by master carpenter Michael Beaupoil with Unikat seal individually and customised to measure

In order to underline the uniqueness of the Kauri tables, I provide each unique table with a seal with a consecutive number, and the customer receives an age certificate for each Kauri table, which provides information about the age of the thousand-year-old table top. I make each table individually and custom -made by hand according to your wishes. Handmade in Germany.


Creating nature artworks out of conviction

I make each table with passion and humility for the special and artistic Kauri wood. With reverence for nature, I let these feelings flow into my work. I enjoy shaping the pristine Kauri slabs into tables with my hands and consider it a privilege to experience how a natural work of art is created. In my eyes, every Kauri wooden table, whether from the trunk or from a root, is a unique natural work of art.

For me it is a stroke of luck that I have been able to make my work a pleasure and that I have come to the beautiful Kauri wood through my profession.

Convince yourself of the uniqueness of nature and its original representation in the handmade tables.

Workshop of master carpenter Michael Beaupoil in Goch for the production of designer tables and unique wooden tables from the thousand-year-old Kauri swamp wood.
Workshop of master carpenter Michael Beaupoil for the production of Kauri designer tables and unique wooden tables.

I make my Kauri wooden tables in my workshop in Goch in the west of Germany. Here I will be happy to show you unfinished Kauri table tops, finished sample tables and explain my working methods to you personally. (to the directions)

If you come from the south and from Luxembourg I offer you to visit me in my showroom in Graach at the beautiful Middle Moselle.

On Infos Kauri Wood Tables you will find information about my Kauri Wood Tables and the way to your desired table.

Tables from other woods and solid wood beds

Here you can see my earlier made-to-measure work, including tables made of other types of wood and unique beds

Exclusive design dining table and special glass table with special table top vine wood and solid oak wood feet as a fancy designer table

Artistic furniture with noble natural growth

Art furniture with the beauty of nature

Artistic natural growths in the wood bear witness to the unique diversity of nature which I creatively highlight in my furniture. Through a Special refinement my art furniture becomes particularly durable and resistant natural works of art that you can use every day. I produce the art furniture in your expression and character only once, which makes them unique and special.

The aesthetics of nature - unadulterated and pure


Artistic furniture made from exceptional natural woods with a unique selling point

Beam bed Romano

By using solid oak beams with large cross-sectional dimensions, we produce special natural wood beds with incomparable natural characteristics.

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Exclusive oak dining table

The solid natural wood table top grown in one piece is made from the trunk of a grained oak.

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Oak dining table as a special wine table

As a special exhibit I sell this high quality manufactured wine table. The unusual table top is composed of individual old red wine barrel staves of solid oak wood and thus has a unique appearance. Equipped with a special surface finish, the wooden table is very easy to clean and you do not need to re-care or oil it. Thus, the table can also serve as a dining table without hesitation.

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High quality oak solid wood beds

Wooden beds made of cracked solid oak with distinct natural characteristics.

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Wooden bed from solid oak beams

Wooden beds made of high-quality natural woods with large cross-sectional dimensions are divergent and create a unique ambience in the room. Every wooden bed made in this way is an exceptional eye-catcher and timelessly modern.

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Natural wood designer table

The one-piece natural wood table top is made from the trunk of a ...

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