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exclusive designer tables in exhibition near Luxembourg

To save my customers and interested parties from southern Germany and Luxembourg, Switzerland and Austria a long journey to my factory in Goch on the Lower Rhine, I offer you the opportunity to make an appointment with my showroom. It is located in Graach on the beautiful Middle Moselle.

Exhibition of exclusive Kauri designer wooden tables near Luxembourg, dining tables, conference tables made of root and tree trunk on Beaupoil
Exhibition with Kauri Table Tops

Here I show you Kauri designer tables with different natural characteristics to show you the variety of the beautiful millennial Kauri wood. You can decide whether you prefer a Kauri table made of a massive tree trunk with a calm appearance or a root table with distinct natural characteristics. With the help of pictures I will show you my stock of unfinished table tops from which you can choose a table top for your exclusive designer wooden table and dining table. Subsequently, I design for you in my manufactory craftsmanship and high quality your solid blank to a natural work of art.

Exhibition Michael Beaupoil with handmade Kauri wood table, dining table made of root and tree trunk with resin near Luxembourg
Exhibition space by Michael Beaupoil near Luxembourg with Kauri wooden tables

Extendable dining table and tree trunk table top

The exclusive Kauri dining table made of solid root wood is incorporated under the kitchen worktop made of high-quality and pollutant-free solid surface material and can be pulled out if necessary. Thus, the usable area can be extended and the space available is increased if, for example, visitors are announced.

As a sample table on the wall, a Kauri table top made from a tree trunk with a calm aura.

Using the following table tops in the showroom with the different natural characteristics, I will show you the special features of the individual tops, my working method and the surface coatings:

Kauri table tops from root

Wooden tables made from the kauri root are special and rare individual pieces. Fascinating natural features in the grain characterise these precious table tops.

The massive root of the thousand-year-old Kauri tree is ideal for an extraordinary unique designer wooden table and exclusive work of nature art. The primeval root plates show the typical changeable growth in all directions. In the finished treated tabletop, this is reflected in a fascinating appearance in the form of color changes and an optical three-dimensional valley and mountain landscape. In addition, the natural inclusions refined with epoxy resin, in the untreated blank partly crumbly with the original gold-colored amber contained in it, form a unique look. And the naturally grown openings in the table top filled with epoxy resin resemble beautiful lake landscapes.

The natural beauty and fascination of the pristine Kauri wood is shown here to a special degree.

Root table top with epoxy resin

Unique dining table top in exhibition Luxembourg from old Kauri root one piece wood, beautiful wooden table with epoxy resin
Table top made from 2995 year old Kauri root in one piece

This root table top of a designer wooden table in the size 220 x 120 x 7 cm is grown unglued in one piece and 2995 years old. Loose and ingrown bark parts I have poured with transparent epoxy resin so that they are solidified and remain visible.

I filled the ends with epoxy resin so that the top is roughly rectangular. According to your wishes, I leave the table top in its original growth with curves and natural edges on the outer edges.

The beautiful natural growth of a kauri root is clearly visible on this plate.

Amber from Kauri Tree in Dining Table with Root Table Top in Epoxy Resin, Wooden Table with Gold Amber Near Luxembourg
Original gold-coloured amber from the kauri tree in the root Table top in epoxy resin

As a special feature, the plate contains, as is usual for Kauri root plates, tree resin that has hardened over the millennia to amber. These natural elements shimmering gold in the epoxy resin offer a fascinating eye-catcher in the solid Kauri root wood.

High quality level

Dining table Table top made of Kauri root wood handmade in high quality, exceptional wooden table in exhibition Luxembourg
Natural artwork Kauri root wood handmade in high quality

Due to the artificial drying of the table tops to approx. 8% wood moisture, which I carry out before processing, many small cracks occur in all directions due to the typical root growth, which I fill by hand with epoxy resin and thus solidified and are part of the typical root characteristics. The drying of the large massive table tops, which are grown in one piece, to living room level is inevitable because otherwise this drying process takes place after one or two heating periods at the customer and the table top then begins to crack and warp. In connection with a high-quality surface coating, I achieve a very high quality level from which you benefit as a customer.

With this high-quality workmanship, a designer wooden table grown from a root can also serve as a long-lasting dining table every day, and at the same time is an exceptional natural work of art and limited edition unique piece.


Dining table integrated in kitchen

Dining table specially handmade to measure, high-quality natural work of art and long-lasting dining table Exhibition Luxembourg
functional dining table made of kauri root wood with epoxy resin

I made this root tabletop especially to measure for the kitchen. It can be slid in and out from under the kitchen worktop and also turned forwards, so that the usable surface of the dining table can be enlarged or reduced as desired. This technology can be integrated when planning a new kitchen. Depending on the design of the kitchen, e.g. with a cooking island, the dining table can also be pushed in completely or partially and pulled out again when needed. A technical and individual highlight that gives you a great deal of flexibility.

According to the age certificate from the Leibniz Laboratory for Age Research in Kiel, the tabletop is 47,000 years old. I filled the naturally grown openings with epoxy resin and left the natural edges as they were or sanded them down to a soft feel.

Special natural feature of a dining table in epoxy resin, unique kauri root table top of an epoxy resin table in Luxembourg
fascinating natural features in epoxy resin

A special natural feature is the branch that protrudes from the root. I wanted to preserve this unique eye-catcher permanently and cast it in epoxy resin.

Coffee table made from 3,700-year-old roots

Coffee table from original Kauri root extravagant natural edges, special unique wooden table Luxembourg
Unique coffee table made from original Kauri root

I made this extravagant coffee table from a piece of kauri root. The original natural edges with the haptically softly polished hand flatterers give the coffee table a special touch and striking natural characteristics that make the table unique.

Extravagant unique coffee table with original natural edges as a special wooden table Near Luxembourg

I had a master locksmith make the stainless steel base for this coffee table to match the interior design of the showroom. It is kept discreet so that the massive root tabletop is particularly well accentuated.

For each Kauri wood table, I always have the leg frame made according to your wishes to match the table. As a rule, these are arranged in the middle of the tabletop to ensure as much legroom as possible and to show off the beautiful Kauri wood to its best advantage. The materials available for the base are glass, raw steel and stainless steel, in exceptional cases also Kauri wood. During a visit to the showroom, I will show you the possible variations with the help of pictures and advise you in this regard.

Coffee table made of Kauri root wood as a wooden table with natural edges a special unique piece with original nature in Luxembourg
Coffee table with moisture-resistant surface

I have given the surface of the coffee table a thin, matt and natural-looking finish. For all Kauri wood tables, I use a special process that protects the surface for a long time. The top structure of the wood is hardened to make it more resistant to scratches and moisture. The surface is resistant to water, alcohol and grease. Even liquids that stand on the surface of the table overnight do not leave any curls or stains.

I will be happy to show you the different surface finishes in detail on the sample table tops.

Solid tree trunk table with calm appearance

Unique tree trunk table or wooden trunk table made of solid kauri wood, noble table top one piece of wood, wooden table with natural edges
Kauri tree trunk table top

As the name suggests, the solid table top of the tree trunk table is cut from the tree trunk. Each tabletop is unique, grown in one piece without glue and the grain runs continuously over the entire surface. It usually runs straight along the length of the tabletop, creating a calm and even appearance. The individual growth of the tree is what gives the noble tree trunk tables their charm and character. Occasional knots can occur, rather rare with kauri wood, here in the table top rather an exception.

The natural edges are more pronounced on the tree trunk table than on the root table, often these edges also form the outer edges of the tree and are therefore also called tree edges.

The historical story of the mighty massive Kauri trunks is carried on through craftsmanship, a wealth of experience, attention to detail and care as a unique wooden table.

Resistant washbasin for the bathroom

Old kauri tree trunk wood washbasin ,for the bathroom, easy to clean, exclusive wooden tables
easy care washbasin

Kauri wood with an appropriate moisture-resistant surface coating is very suitable as a cover for bathroom furniture and as a support for the washstand. Here, a top made of the tree trunk with its calm radiance and warm colouring is recommended as a washstand and thus forms a beautiful contrast to the mostly neutral colours in the bathroom.

Exclusive wooden tables for all areas of life

After your visit to my showroom near Luxembourg, I will manufacture a unique designer wooden table and unique table with a certificate in my workshop in Goch on the Lower Rhine according to your wishes and with high quality features - handmade in Germany. I produce exclusive tables for you that cover all areas of life:

  • Large imposing conference tables or meeting tables, grown in one piece in any size
  • Durable dining tables for everyday use
  • exclusive designer tables according to functional, aesthetic and user aspects
  • Coffee tables as small works of nature art
  • moisture-resistant washbasins

For your desired table, you have the choice, as described above, whether I make your table top from a naturally striking root or from a solid tree trunk with a calm and evenly running wood grain.

Investment Kauri Wooden Table

Wooden table made of kauri wood as a unique and one-of-a-kind item, alternative capital investment with inflation protection Luxury table
Kauri Wooden Table as a Limited Edition Investment in Kind

One advantage of purchasing a wooden table made of thousand-year-old kauri wood may be that they become future tangible assets with inflation protection as an alternative to shares, gold and precious metals and real estate. There are several aspects that suggest that Kauri tables in the next generation will be natural works of art that increase in value, similar to antique furniture today.

As the Kauri wood is finite as a high quality raw material and cannot be salvaged from the swamps of New Zealand in the future, no new tables will be made from Kauri wood. As a result, they are limited and can become sought-after collector's items.

Other aspects are: each Kauri table is a unique specimen with a corresponding seal with unique number, the processing of the table tops is of high quality, the solid table tops are strong enough to be able to renovate them in the future if necessary several times so that they are as good as new again, each Kauri wooden table is exclusive and gets a certificate that gives information about the age and origin of the table top.

With a Kauri designer wooden table you create a unique natural work of art that you can use every day and at the same time is a future asset.


New room concept: Individual built-in cupboard made to measure as a room divider

Individual built-in wardrobe and wall cupboard as living concept and Kauri wooden tables made to measure by master carpenter Michael Beaupoil near Luxembourg in exhibition

As a new room concept, a partner and master carpenter made a wall cupboard that serves as a separation between two rooms. Such a built-in cupboard can ideally be included in the planning of a new building. In this way, you save on the cost of a wall and at the same time use the space otherwise required by the wall (approx. 13 - 25 cm) for the wall cupboard.

This is made to measure by my partner and individually according to your wishes.

Here, a sliding door separates the room and wardrobes and drawers are integrated that can be used on both sides.

So we offer you a complete living and room concept, equipped with individual and high-quality built-in furniture and artistic designer tables made of the thousand-year-old Kauri wood. During a detailed discussion in the showroom on the Moselle near Luxembourg, I will be happy to explain the possibilities that the most underestimated craft offers you.

Approach to the showroom

Michael Beaupoil