Precious Kauri wood tables through quality workmanship

Exclusive wooden tables with special profit for you

All wooden tables leave my workshop with a very high quality from which you benefit. I offer you a total package of service and quality features to make you an incomparable wooden table that you will enjoy for a long time, all from one source:

- special procurement of the precious Kauri wood

- thousand year old history the type of wood used

- Durability and robustness through high quality workmanship

- Value and Value retention of the Kauri wood tables

Large Kauri table tops in dry kiln, pristine table tops for exclusive wooden table and extravagant dining table, special natural wood tables and designer tables made of artistic wood.
Kauri table tops in the drying chamber

Processing of the unique Kauri woods

After the table tops have been gently pre-dried in the air for several years to approx. 15% wood moisture (this is as low as it gets in the air due to the high humidity), I dry each table top in my own drying chamber to approx. 8% wood moisture. This is the value that the wood would otherwise reach after one to two years in heated rooms. I anticipate this drying process and the likely further warping and cracking of the tabletop associated with it by drying it in the drying chamber beforehand.

It is important for me to know whether the table is to be placed near a fireplace or whether the table will be exposed to sunlight.

Only now do I start working on the precious tabletop. I bury it and fill the cracks that have now appeared with resin.

This way you have the security and the probability is highest that the table top will not warp or crack later on at your place.


Exceptional wooden tables to bequeath

Especially with the large, massive and old Kauri table tops that come from the swamps and have grown in one piece, it is essential to dry them professionally so that the fascinating Kauri wood retains its natural beauty for a long time and you get an exceptional wooden table to pass on.

High quality wooden tables, dining tables, solid wood tables through unprecedented trials, durable surface of Kauri table tops.
Test series on solid Kauri woods for high quality wooden tables

Your advantages Due to high quality work

Through my many years of professional experience and many experiments with various oils, lacquers and resins, I can offer you high-quality work, from which it follows:

- In all likelihood, no warping or cracking of the precious wooden tables

- Hardened and moisture-resistant surface without loss of naturalness

- You have the choice of table top and type of finish

- According to my test series, I only use high-quality products for processing

For each table you will receive an age certificate about the age of the table top and each table will be assigned its own unique number.

Table top unique table, large kauri root wooden table with epoxy resin, high quality solid wood table and noble natural work of art.
Root wooden table with epoxy resin

Large root wooden tables with epoxy resin

As a challenging task, I made it my business to make large tabletops, grown in one piece, from porous and cracked kauri root wood. Epoxy resin is a special material for this. With it I can make huge root table tops up to 5 meters long or 2 meters wide. With high-quality epoxy resin, I solidify the entire tabletop with its beautiful natural features into a solid unit. Fascinating 3D landscapes are created. Naturally grown openings and the bark present in the root wood and natural amber from the Kauri tree remain in the tabletop and provide with the fascinating aura of the root tables. This is how unique and noble natural works of art are created.

Wooden tables with a haptically soft surface

Unique solid wood tables and exclusive designer dining tables with high quality workmanship by Michael Beaupoil, durable wooden tables.

When processing, I make a point of taking away as little material as possible and leaving this unique wood in one piece in its original state, as it was swamped for up to 50,000 years.

No wood parts such as splinters or fibres stick out after processing and I harden soft wood parts so that the entire tabletop forms a compact and solid unit. The surface and the natural edges feel soft to the touch, like the palm of your hand.

Long service life due to innovative process

To protect the valuable wood of your table for a long time, I harden the top wood substance in a special process so that the surface becomes more scratch-resistant. At the same time, the tabletop becomes resistant to alcohol and liquids without losing the naturalness and silky soft feel of the solid wood table. This results in a very high quality with the best suitability even for a demanding dining table in daily use.

You have the advantage that you get a unique wooden table that has the best possible resistance and you will enjoy it for a long time. After a nice evening, you can also wipe away water and alcohol residues the next day; there will be no curls or stains.


Solid wood tables that you do not need to maintain

If you buy a commercially available solid wood table, you usually have to maintain it, i.e. you have to lightly sand and oil it once or twice a year to preserve its beautiful grain. However, this does not protect it against moisture, you can still get moisture cringles or have to be careful with your solid wood table. Unfortunately, this is also often the case with handcrafted individual items.

To save you this trouble, I produce my Kauri solid wood tables with a high-quality surface finish that is just as harmless to health as an oiled surface and also looks exactly the same. However, you do not need to rework or maintain the wooden table, the valuable solid wood is protected for all time until possibly a renovation is due after decades to put it back in new condition.

Despite all my measures, your new table is and will remain a natural product that can never be completely "tamed". The solid table top can only change if there are very large fluctuations in humidity. Under normal circumstances, however, this will not happen and your new Kauri solid wood table will remain as I delivered it to you for a long time.

In my workshop, I will be happy to show you how I work and how you can get a Kauri table with a beautiful surface.

Once purchased and you can enjoy your beautiful Kauri solid wood table for a long time and have peace of mind.

Handmade in Germany

I lovingly handcraft each Kauri wooden table in my workshop in Goch:

  • From the first straightening and planing of the unfinished table tops
  • Working out the naturally grown openings as far as available and bark and amber parts present in the root.
  • Resin out the natural features in several layers
  • Grinding the natural edges into haptically soft hand caresses
  • Grinding the surface
  • Application of surface protection to create a long-lasting and moisture-resistant surface.

Every Kauri wooden table is unique

Michael Beaupoil unique wooden tables, unique furniture and unique tables with seal, original Beaupoil solid wood tables and dining tables made of extraordinary Kauri root woods.
Unique Sigel for each table top

Each of my tables is unique and will only exist once. To underline the uniqueness of your new furniture, each wooden table is provided with a unique seal with a consecutive number. In addition, there is an age certificate for each Kauri table that provides information about the thousand-year age of the table top.

Wooden tables made from artistic Kauri wood, unique natural works of art made with passion and reverence, special one-of-a-kind tables from beautiful root trunk
Root table top with bark, knots and amber in the epoxy resin filling

Creating nature artworks out of conviction

I make each table with passion, humility for the special and artistic Kauri wood and reverence for nature and let these feelings flow into my work. I enjoy shaping the pristine Kauri slabs into tables with my hands and consider it a privilege to experience how a natural work of art is created. In my eyes, every Kauri wooden table, whether from the trunk or from a root, is something special.

For me it is a stroke of luck that I have been able to make my work a pleasure and that I have come to the beautiful Kauri wood through my profession.

On Kauri Wooden Table you will find information about my Kauri Wooden Tables and the way to your desired table.