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Kauri wood table buy

Here I offer exclusive wooden tables from the thousand-year-old Kauri wood currently for sale. Most of the tables are in my manufactory. All surfaces of these tables I equipped with a high quality and very easy to clean surface, which they do not need to re-treat. So they can be used every day as a dining table.

Each table is unique and durable.

The table bases can be replaced almost arbitrarily with other table bases that you can find here on my websites.

Of course, I also make a table unique according to your wishes.

Table with bark and amber in root wood

Table for sale with large table top made of root and tree trunk with bark in epoxy resin, exceptional real wood table in manufacture buy

Root wood table that appeals to the senses

I sell this table with a 230 x 105 x 8 cm table top made of beautiful burl wood with small amount of tree trunk. The solid wood is 3700 years old. Over the millennia bark and original golden amber from the Kauri tree has grown into the root wood. These I have carefully processed and are permanently visible in the crystal clear epoxy resin and now provide a fascinating eye-catcher in the table top.

Also this extraordinary real wood table is like all other wooden tables made by me moisture resistant and does not need to be maintained by you. You can visit the table in my manufactory. The table frame can be exchanged according to your wishes.

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Beautiful table top with amber in crystal clear epoxy resin in solid root wood with tree trunk from large table buyExceptional solid wood table top from the large real wood table from a piece of tree trunk wood with amber in epoxy resin, buy tableUnusual wooden table with beautiful solid wood table top from a piece of tree trunk wood with amber in epoxy resin buy table with bark

Dining table from one piece of root wood

Exclusive dining table with old table top made of one piece unique kauri root solid wood buy, solid wood table with special tree edges for sale

Dining table as an exclusive work of nature art

The 2,900 year old table top made from a piece of solid Kauri root wood is 220 x 105 cm and 5.5 cm thick. The basic shape of the dining table top is rectangular so that it can be used very well as a dining table because there are no openings and edge offsets. The edges I worked out organically so that they look like naturally grown tree edges.

I sell this exclusive table top in my showroom on the Middle Moselle. Here I will be happy to show you personally the special features of this unique work of natural art.

I filled one end of the tabletop with epoxy to leave the naturally grown end of the solid wood visible.

The fascinating charisma of the Kauri root wood allows animals and mythical creatures to be seen in it with imagination, providing plenty to talk about with viewers.

Unique table top from exclusive dining table made of solid kauri root wood with natural tree edges buy, special wooden table with epoxy resinExclusive dining table top from solid wood dining table made of thousand year old kauri root wood with fascinating tree edges buy, natural artwork solid wood tableFancy table top of an exclusive dining table made of unique root solid wood with high quality epoxy resin buy

Root wooden table with epoxy resin and bark filling

Buy unique wooden table with noble table top made of millennial solid kauri root wood with tree edges and bark in high quality epoxy resin

Unique wooden table with table top from ancient solid wood

For sale is also this unique wooden table with a table top made from a 47,000 year old massive Kauri root in the size of about 210 x 105 x 6 cm with naturally grown and organically processed tree edges. In the middle is a large opening with bark growth which I filled with epoxy resin and solidified. The table frame is arbitrarily exchangeable.

Unique wooden table with solid table top made of natural kauri root wood for sale, solid wood table with tree edges and epoxy resin Buy solid wood table with beautiful table top from old kauri root solid wood, solid wood table with natural tree edges

Epoxy resin table with root wood

Fancy dining table with special table top made of solid kauri root wood with tree edges with high quality epoxy resin

Modern designer table with natural striking look

Unusual dining table as a modern designer table with a 47,000 year old table top in the dimensions 220 x 113 x 5.5 cm from a root which is completely enclosed in high-quality epoxy resin. This allowed me to leave the natural tree edges with the partially frayed wood fiber as grown by nature, this feature contributes to the uniqueness of this table top. The beautiful grain and the color of the solid root wood also comes this table impressively to advantage.

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Fancy table top from unique dining table made of special old kauri root solid wood with high quality epoxy resin buyHigh quality solid wood table top from fancy dining table with natural tree edges with beautiful wood grain and stainless steel table frame for sale

Solid log dining table

Exclusive dining table with artistic old Kauri solid wood table top from special tree trunk and tree edges as a natural work of art with age certificate

Tree trunk table with fancy root share

This dining table is also made of 47,000 year old Kauri solid wood with a table top made of a long grown tree trunk with a calm appearance. At one end, the solid wood merges into the root as a special eye-catcher and expression of naturalness very striking and primordial. Here the wood grain has grown criss-cross and looks with the tree edges like a natural work of art. The other end of the tabletop is frayed and partly brittle. By enclosing it in epoxy resin, I was able to preserve the natural growth.

You are buying an artistic table top that measures 265 x 120 x 6.5 cm, the age is also documented with an age certificate.

Special dining table with kauri solid wood table top made of tree trunk and tree edges buy, natural artwork with epoxy resinSpecial artistic table top from dining table with age certificate made of old kauri tree trunk root solid wood with tree edges and epoxy resin

Large conference table made of unique root wood

Large conference table with unique solid table top made of one piece root tree trunk wood for sale, high quality wooden table or dining table

Unusual solid wood table like a tree

This large conference table with a unique solid table top made of a piece of Kauri root wood and tree trunk wood with pronounced tree edges in the dimensions 410 x 120 x 8 cm is for sale. The root-typical openings in the table top are filled with epoxy resin, so that this extraordinary wood can be used as a table suitable for everyday use without hesitation. Also, the high quality surface treatment with its hardened and moisture resistant surface contributes to the fact that this unique wooden table can also be used as a dining table in a large room.

Due to the transition from the root wood to the tree trunk wood and the unusual size of the table top, a large grown tree can be recognized with a little imagination.

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Unique solid table top from large conference table made of kauri root tree trunk wood with tree edges buy, unique wooden table and high quality dining tableLarge conference table made of extraordinary Kauri solid wood as a unique tree trunk table with tree edges, buy solid wood table with high quality epoxy resin.Buy large solid kauri wood conference table top with high quality epoxy resin from unique solid wood conference table

Solid oak red wine barrel staves dining table

Special dining table made of solid oak red wine barrel staves as a fancy wine table, buy exclusive oak wood table with distinctive character.

Sustainable wooden table with fascinating look

This special dining table with a table top made of old used red wine barrels in the dimensions 220 x 90 cm I sell for 5.490, - € ex workshop in Goch. This fancy wooden table I made in single production handcrafted in elaborate handwork.

After disassembling the old red wine barrels, I cut individual pieces of wood from the solid oak barrel staves and joined them together to form a tabletop. Through the storage of the red wine in the barrels, the oak wood discolored reddish-brownish, this shows impressively in the surface of the tabletop. This creates a distinctive and unique character of a sustainable and extraordinary wooden table.

Due to my special surface treatment, this exclusive wooden table is also suitable without hesitation as a much used dining table, even in the catering sector where the table will provide your guests with something to talk about.

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Distinctive solid oak table top of a special dining table made of solid oak barrel staves and exclusive sustainable wood table buyRed wine barrel for handmade one of a kind special dining tables and solid oak wood tablesExclusive solid oak barrel staves table top of a special dining table and sustainable wine table buy