Oak dining table with ornate natural wood table top

Rustic oak dining table with a unique natural character

Dining table with artistic natural wood table top made of solid grained oak, unique one-of-a-kind wooden table made of rustic special tree trunk a piece
Dining table with artfully grown table top made of solid grained oak

Dining table made from special oak burl

The solid rustic natural wood table top has grown in one piece and is cut from the trunk of a free-standing grained oak tree. Wind and weather have given it its artistic and unique growth. This outstanding dining table with a modern table frame made of oiled raw steel is a magnificent work of nature and is a unique one-off.

Dining table made of special burl oak with beautiful natural edges, unique table made of artistic solid oak wood, exclusive high-quality wooden table
The beautiful natural edges are as soft to the touch as they are to the touch

Exclusive wooden table made to a high standard

The natural edges require a great deal of manual work to bring out this special oak wood in an impressive and naturally striking way and to make them soft to the touch. Every curve of the wooden table is a special treat for the hands. This magnificent wood stimulates all the senses.

I attach great importance to high-quality workmanship so that the customer can enjoy a special tree trunk table as a unique piece for a long time.

Exclusive dining table and special wooden table with natural tree edges, high-quality table top, durable piece of art furniture and unique tree trunk table
The unique table top is a work of art from nature

Long-lasting heirlooms

Dining tables are usually subjected to a lot of wear and tear, as they are the most used furniture in the household. They are used several times a day and are where family and friends gather. Equipped with a high-quality finish, you can use the wooden table safely and also get a unique piece of art furniture that will retain its value for a long time. This creates the conditions for a long-lasting heirloom.

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Original tree edges of the durable wooden table made of solid oak, special dining table as high-quality art furniture
The unique nature can be seen in the unspoilt tree edges...

Many small knots, cracks and three-dimensional swirls combined with the natural tree edges characterize the archaic and root-typical oak wooden table with its unique natural characteristics.

Tree trunk table slat from the archaic wooden table with unique natural characteristics made from one piece of solid oak, rustic table with tree edges
...and the impressive grain

Each section of the solid oak tabletop of the impressive tree trunk table has interesting natural features that catch the eye. A special feature of this rustic table top is that it has grown in one piece. There are no glue joints to disrupt the fascinating grain throughout.

Special unique wooden tables

I produce each wooden table sustainably and individually by hand in my manufactory in Goch on the Lower Rhine. Far removed from global mass production, this results in exclusive, unique dining tables and special natural works of art that I produce individually according to the customer's wishes. You benefit from my many years of professional experience as a master carpenter.

Individual wooden table with natural tree edges, artistic oak dining table with solid root-typical table top, modern one-of-a-kind art furniture
Each table from my manufactory is truly unique and will give its owner long-lasting pleasure thanks to its high-quality workmanship

Individual wooden tables according to your ideas

The table frames made of modern metal or glass are made individually for each wooden table. I will be happy to show you samples in person at my workshop, as well as other beautiful solid oak table tops and my working methods. Here I will discuss with you all other aspects of how your individual dream table should look.

Oak blanks for your dream table

Blanks individual solid wood table made of ornate oak, solid wood table with tree edges, special dining table made to measure
unfinished ornate oak table tops

Two unprocessed oak blanks from the same tree are still available to make a special wooden table and extraordinary tree trunk table from these individual pieces according to your wishes. The finished table is similar to the dining table I have shown here.

The dimensions of the solid table tops are approximately 230 cm long x 110 cm wide x 7 cm thick.

Solid dining table top with unusual grain, special wooden table as a work of art from nature
Works of art from nature

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Alternative to this oak wooden table

As an alternative to this wooden table in burl oak, I offer you an oak table with a table top made from old red wine barrel staves. The special feature of this sustainable table is the beautiful warm reddish-brown coloration that has been created by years of storing red wine. As an exhibition table, you can buy this table at a reasonable price, but with a new surface finish so that the table is as good as new . Information about this special wooden table can be found here.