Natural wood designer table

Modern design table in large poplar burl with stone legs

Modern designer wooden table with stone legs, natural-grained poplar tabletop with tree edges, exclusive solid wood table

A special natural wood designer wooden table that I have equipped with modern stone legs according to the customer's wishes. These were specially made by the stonemason for this table.

Modern design wooden table made of extravagant burl poplar natural wood with special natural characteristics, modern designer tables special natural wood tables

The special natural characteristic is shown here in the three-dimensional wave pattern and the pronounced natural edges.

The natural stone feet with broken edges contribute to the modern and timeless appearance of the extravagant design table.

Special natural edges filled in the large design table, modern natural wood table, special natural wood tree table as exclusive dining table

Many small knots and three-dimensional appearing swirls combined with filled natural intergrowths characterise this grained table top.

Design table: natural modern design from nature, designer table from tree trunk, natural dining table wooden table solid wood table

Natural and modern design from nature as no man can reproduce.

The transparent filling provides a "mysterious insight into the wood". The wildly grown tree trunk poplar burl shows its most beautiful side.

Design table top handcrafted, beauty and grace of the natural edges in the wooden table made of solid poplar burl, tree trunk table

Design tables handmade

The loose wood parts such as the bark of the naturally grown edges are removed by hand until a solid wood substance is achieved. This is also processed by hand until the wood of the design table is splinter-free and feels like a

It feels soft to the touch. This creates a graceful radiance of the wooden table and the unique beauty of nature becomes visible.