Tree trunk designer table made of natural wood

Modern design table made of large poplar burl with stone legs

Modern designer wooden table with stone legs, natural poplar table top with tree edges, exclusive solid wood table
Design table with rustic tree trunk table top and modern stone legs

Designer wooden table with rustic solid wood table top

A special designer wooden table, which I fitted with modern stone legs according to the customer's wishes. These were specially made for this table by a stonemason. The beautiful natural wood table top captivates with its naturalness and extraordinary natural characteristics. It is cut from a tree trunk and has grown in one piece to a size of 260 x 120 cm, thus contributing to the uniqueness of this table for a special interior design.

Special designer wooden table with unique tree trunk table top a piece of solid wood burl poplar with modern stone legs
Unique natural wood characteristics of the tree trunk table top made of burl poplar

Tree trunk table with unique natural characteristics

The handcrafted table made from solid burl poplar is more than just a piece of furniture; it is a timeless work of art. The unique natural characteristics of this tree trunk make this solid wood table a one-off that integrates seamlessly into modern and classic living concepts and interiors.

Modern design wooden table made of extravagant burl poplar natural wood with special natural characteristics, modern designer tables special natural wood tables
Distinctive natural edges characterize the solid wood table top

The special natural characteristics can be seen here in the three-dimensional wave pattern and the pronounced natural edges. The natural stone legs with broken edges contribute to the modern and timeless appearance of this extravagant design table.

Interior design with large design table with tree edges as a modern natural wood table, special natural wood tree table as an exclusive dining table
Fascinating grain of the burl poplar

Interior made from natural wood

This grained table top is characterized by many small branches and three-dimensional swirls combined with epoxy resin-filled natural growths. Every single branch, every ramification tells the story of the tree and brings an organic aesthetic to the room.

Design table: natural modern design from nature, designer table made of tree trunk, natural dining table wooden table solid wood table

Every vein and grain seems to be alive, captured in a timeless piece of furniture art.

Natural and modern design from nature that no human can reproduce

The transparent epoxy resin filling provides a "mysterious insight into the wood". The wildly grown poplar burl tree trunk shows its most beautiful side. This solid wood table impressively reveals the fascinating nature that no human being can reproduce. A unique masterpiece of nature.

Design table top made by hand, beauty and grace of the natural edges in the wooden table made of solid poplar burl, tree trunk table
Hand-finished natural edges feel like soft, tactile hand caresses

Design tables handmade

The loose wood parts, such as the bark on the naturally grown edges, are removed by hand until a solid wood substance is achieved. This is also processed by hand until the wood of the design table is free of splinters and feels as soft as the palm of your hand. This gives the wooden table a graceful appearance and reveals the unique beauty of nature.

Handmade design table and unique wooden table for unusual interior design with solid wood table top made of burl poplar with modern table frame
Tables with large table tops grown in one piece with an original natural look enhance any room

Table with modern table frame for unusual interiors

In order to do justice to the unique natural character of the burl poplar wood, we use modern stone legs according to customer requirements, which are not only aesthetically pleasing, but also ensure solid stability. This combination of natural beauty and modern design makes the design table a real eye-catcher in any interior.

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