Wooden bed from solid oak beams

Solid wood bed from beams

Unique wooden beds and quality furniture from solid oak beams

Wooden beds made of high-quality natural woods with large cross-sectional dimensions are divergent and create a unique ambience in the room. Each wooden bed or beam bed made in this way is an extraordinary eye-catcher and timelessly modern. The name beam bed comes from the use of oak beams that originally had a cross-sectional dimension of 12 x 12 cm before processing.

To increase the natural characteristic, I use selected cracked solid wood and process it according to traditional craftsmanship. This creates high quality furniture that is indestructible and durable.

Unique wooden bed made of cracked oak solid beams, exclusive solid wood bed made of high-quality natural woods, extraordinary modern bed
Wooden bed from solid oak beams

Colour-neutral natural woods are warm, cosy and adapt to any environment.

Likewise, this timeless modern natural wooden bed is a value investment with its unique charisma. Oak wood has been used for centuries to build homes, this guarantees exclusive quality furniture that is durable and retains its value.

Combined with craftsmanship, the result is high-quality beds made of wooden beams and furniture of high quality - durable for generations.

High-quality and durable solid oak furniture, exclusive wooden bed and furniture made of wooden beams as a valuable investment, solid wood bed Beam bed
Beam bed processed according to traditional craftsmanship

Exclusive wooden bed with special charm

The interaction of expressive and distinctive solid oak woods and traditional craftsmanship techniques such as the overleafing of the corners creates a special charm. I deliberately select the cracked natural woods for these high-quality wooden beds and process them carefully and expertly. We will be happy to provide you with a free quote on an exclusive wooden bed.

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